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To the Manor Born

This month Rita Bay’s Blog will check out how our British and American ancestors lived.  Homes reflect the availability of resources to the people who built it.   Homes also tell us something about the people who built them–what they valued and how they lived. 

Star Carr

The earliest visitors to Great Britain had to come and go with the melting and advancing of the glaciers over thousands of years.  The first people to settle in Britain were hunter gathers who lived on the resources available.  The Star Carr site in Yorkshire is about 10,000 years old.  The inhabitants lived on platforms above the lake.  Archaeologists discovered red deer bones and antlers were discovered with the flint tools to process their hides and meat. 

Antler headdress

They also discovered a boat oar, the bones of a dog and an antler headdress.  About this time the plain that connected what is now Britain and the European continent was flooded.  The flooded area became the North Sea and English Channel.



About 5,000 years ago the residents of th community of Skara Brae on the island of Orkney built partially buried homes of stone.  The buildings were  discovered in 1850   when a storm eroded part of a beach, revealing the settlement. The eight homes were constructed of stone because of the limited amount of  wood on the island.  Stone is a dense material that insulates well.  The residents constructed the homes so they could travel from one area to another without going outside.  The one-room homes built around a central fireplace had rudimentary plumbing and cooking facilities.  The beds, dressers, and tables were also constructed of stone.

Tomorrow, the Celts & Romans move in.  Rita Bay

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