Vintage Wine Making Tool

wine corkerI bought this hand wine bottle corker when I lived in Italy. Unlike some of the ones you’ll see online, it was actually used in a vineyard. You can see the red wine stains.  I actually went into the “campagna” (the fields) where the vineyards were located and got to pick grapes. Didn’t get to stomp anything, they used a wine press which was still a cool thing to see.

This is my last Americana post. NaNoWriMo is over and I’ll be back on track. Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Americana. It was fun digging around coming up with these things to share. I’ll share an excerpt of my Nano stories later.


Check out my cover for Ely’s Epiphany which was released yesterday. It’s my hottest book ever, an M/M featuring Ely and Todd, ex-Green Berets partners who first appeared as Lexie Jackson’s guardians in Search & Rescue. Click the cover on the right to read an onsite PG-13 excerpt or the covers on the left to read an X-rated Excerpt at Secret Cravings.  Rita


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