Person of Interest: America’s First Spy

On September 10th, 1776, Nathan Hale became the United States’ first spy when he volunteered to investigate the British fortification in Manhattan. The 21-year-old captain in the Continental Army posed as a Dutch teacher. After 1/4 of the city was destroyed by a fire, the British did a sweep of the city for American sympathizers. Hale was identified as a spy and taken to General Howe’s headquarters. He was hung the next day on September 22, 1976. His last words were reported to have been a quote from a play by Cato. “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” John Montresor, a British soldier who witnessed the event, spread the story of his heroic death to the members of the Continental Army. Robert MacKensie, a British officer who was present that day, wrote in his diary:   “He behaved with great composure and resolution…”
Tomorrow, 9/11 Salute    Rita Bay

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