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Ancient Transportation

 Ancient transportation evolved from using primitive sledges pulled by humans (and later animals) to the use of logs or rounded stone cylinders to drag heavy loads across. The first wheeled vehicles – carts and chariots – are documented circa 3500 BC. The world’s oldest wooden wheel, about 5,200 years old, was found in Slovenia. The wheel was found with a squared oak axle, in the remains of a pile-dwelling settlement. Horses were domesticated and used for transportation about 2,000 BC.

The timeline of the invention of the first boat has not been established. Rafts and dugouts were used very early but would not have been preserved for dating . Riverboats were in use circa 3500 BC.  The Egyptians used boats for fishing, trading and recreation. An ancient model is pictured.

Tomorrow, Summing Up and Moving On    Rita Bay

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