Welcome to Goosebumps!

Welcome to Goosebumps! This month at Rita Bay’s Blog guest authors will share their own tales of the paranormal and their latest books. From ghosts to Ouija boards to rapping tables, you’re sure to get a fun scare. Guest authors include:

2   Rita Bay
7   Graeme Brown
9   Giselle Renarde
14  Paula Hardin
16  Elizabeth Fountain
18  Rita Bay (again)
21  Chris Fenge
23  Allison Knight
25  Lynn Rae
28  Celia Breslin
30  Runere McLain

I’ll also feature posts about Halloween traditions and history, including recipes for soul cakes and Pomona’s special celebration drink. While Pomona’s drink won’t scare away the ghosts, after you’ve consumed enough of it you won’t care. I’ll also share some personal pics of our own hellhound, Bruiser, in his costumes and this year’s carved pumpkin – the screamin’ demon.  Also, guest author Runere McLain who is a ghost hunter will share pictures of haunted houses she has investigated with her team throughout the month. Tomorrow, I’ll tell my mother’s story of her scare in our century-old family home. So stop by often,  there’ll be something fun and/or scary.



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2 responses to “Welcome to Goosebumps!

  1. Carol

    I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! This is my favorite time of year and my children follow in their Mom’s footsteps. Wait, I have been in your Mama house, now you tell me it is haunted. My girl will be so excited to hear that. We will both be reading your blog with baited breath each day!

    • Check in tomorrow for Mama’s story. A couple of weeks after that it’s a rapping table & lost treasure story from our family – Cousin Lula’s Gift. I love this time of year when fall approaches.

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