Primivera: Flora

FloraimagesCA42KGLFThe goddess Flora is the flower-crowned female figure in a floral-patterned dress who is scattering flowers, collected in the folds of her gown. In Roman mythology, Flora was the goddess of flowers and the spring. She was a fertility goddess and was popular for her association with spring. Since 240 BC the Romans celebrated the Floralia (April 28 – May 3) which symbolized the renewal of life, drinking, and flowers. In the painting there are five hundred identified plant species about 190 of which are different flowers.
Tomorrow, Zephyrus and Chloris.


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2 responses to “Primivera: Flora

  1. I think what I love best about these paintings is that all the female figures have nice rounded tummies. This obsession with flat bellies is unnatural–and an impossible goal for someone like me!

    • How true! In addition to high foreheads and blonde hair, well fed was also valued. Thr Flemish painters, Rubens in particular, had some pretty hefty nudes in their paintings.

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