The Aftermath of Hastings

After King Harold and his brothers died at the Battle of Hastings, the remaining defenders retired to the forest. The Normans who pursued were ambushed and destroyed in a deep ditch close to what is now called Oakwood Gill. William rested his army at Hastings for two weeks. When he was not approached by the English nobility, he advanced toward London with fresh troops. The old nobility scurried for safety. He took Dover, Canterbury and Winchester. He destroyed Southwark across from London. In return for the King Edgar’s abdication and recognition of William as King, London was spared. He was crowned king on Christmas Day, 1066 at Westminster Abbey. Pic: The Bayeaux Tapestry pictures William dressed in link mail lifting his helmet so his men realizes that he is still alive and fighting.

Tomorrow, The Bayeaux Tapestry   Rita Bay

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