This Week in History: Supreme Court Established

The Royal Exchange

This Week in History Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1789 which established the Supreme Court of United States. The Supreme Court which was established by Article 3 of the Constitution is one of the three bodies of government.  The size of the court was to be set by Congress.The Court, which has jurisdiction over the constitutionality of all law in the United States. was established as a tribunal of six justices who served until death or retirement.  President George Washington signed the bill into law and nominated John Blair, William Cushing, Robert Harrison, John Rutledge and James Wilson as Associate justices and John Jay as the Chief Justice.  All were approved by the Senate. The Court met for its first session in 1790 at the Royal Exchange Building in New York City.  By the end of the nineteenth century the number of justices on the Supreme Court was set at nine.

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