Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott  (1771 –1832) was a Scottish historical novelist, playwright, and poet. He was the first English-language author popular throughout much of the world during his time. He was famous for numerous novels including Ivanhoe, Rob Roy,Waverley, and The Lady of the Lake. The Prince Regent (the future George IV) gave Scott permission to search for the long-lost Crown Jewels, the Honors of Scotland, had disappeared during the Protectorate.  In 1818, Scott and a small team of military men discovered the honors in the depths of Edinburgh Castle.

When George IV decided to visit Scotland in 1822 after his accession to the throne, Sir Walter Scott organized a magnificent reception for him in only three weeks. Scott created a spectacular and comprehensive pageant, designed not only to impress the King and  to heal the rift between the Scots and English. The King appeared dressed in tartan (worn over pink tights), and was greeted by his people, many of whom were also dressed in tartan ceremonial dress. The first authorized wearing of the plaid since it had been proscribed after the 1745 rebellion against the English went a long way towards healing the rift between England and Scotland.  (BTW, Prinny’s uncle was the hated Butcher Cumberland).  Tomorrow, Another Palace  Rita Bay

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