Prinny’s Set: Lord Alvanley

Lord Alvanley, William Ardeme (1789 – 1849) was the 2nd  Baron Alvanley. His father was Attorney General for Great Britain and was named 1st Baron Alvanley. He was a popular member of  Prinny’s set who was known for his wit. He was a friend of Beau Brummel and rivaled him in his dress. He was a fine host who was known to serve apricot tart at every meal. He was a popular member of White’s and Waiter’s Club and a host of the ball where Brummel famously insulted Prinny (“Alvanley, who’s your fat friend?”) Prinny gave Beau the cut direct which ended his reign over London society. Alvanley was one of the few who sent funds to Beau after he went into exile. In later years, Alvanley bankrupted himself with his extravagance. His estates were sold for debt and he was forced to survive on an officer’s half-pay. He never married or fathered children. His title was inherited by his brother when he died in 1849.

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