Harem Guards

CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT It was important to wealthy men who maintained a harem to protect those within. Harem inhabitants included wives, concubines, his mother, children, and other female relatives. The harem was guarded by slaves who were eunuchs (emasculated males).

Eunuchs were captive slaves who were castrated by westerners (Christians and Jews) prior to their sale to the Muslims who could not perform the procedure themselves. It was OK to buy a eunuch just not make one.

The younger the captive, the more likely the success and survival of the slave. Young African boys who survived the trek to North Africa were the most likely victims. Won’t go into the procedures but they varied by what and how was removed.

Adult eunuchs were assigned to guard the harems. Besides the head of the family, only the trusted eunuchs were allowed inside the harem. They procured new women for their master, maintained order within the harem, as well as guarding the women and children from outside threats. Check out the harem guards pics. Tomorrow, meet Tariq.    Rita

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