A Hand-Crafted Flag

World War I Period Flag

 The 48 star American national flag with an unusual step-down row configuration of stars. The construction is entirely of tatting, which is a form of intricate needlework that was particularly popular from the mid-teens through the 1920s. Note how the beautiful snowflake-style stars were tatted into the open spaces that were purposely left for them in the canton.The flag was possibly made during the World War I (1917-1918), or during the sesquicentennial (150-year) celebration of our nation’s independence in 1926, during surges of patriotism. The small size suggests that it was probably presented as a gift, maybe made by a loved one for a soldier, or was tacked to a stick and used as a parade flag, and waved at some patriotic event.

Tomorrow, The Battle of Cowpens                Rita Bay

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