Meeting & Conference Etiquette

As with social meetings, be on time and dressed appropriately.  Be prepared for the meeting by reading all handouts, bringing any materials needed and researching attendees.  Follow the general rules of etiquette.  Refrain from using media during the meeting, including phones and computers.  Listen to and respond to others politely. Don not bring guests. 


Leaders should establish and inform participants of the general and meeting-specific rules of the event.  Leaders should prepare and distribute agenda and materials prior to the meeting.  Start and end of the meeting on time.  During the introduction, inform the attendees of the purpose of the meeting and give an overview of how the meeting will progress as far as breaks (on average 20-minute every two hours) and lunch (circa 30 minutes). Also give the location of the bathroom.  Set up the meeting rules as far as decision-making, leadership, agenda, keeping minutes, dealing with conflict. Keep the meeting focused on the agenda and topic.  Encourage participants to participate and ask questions. 

At the end of the meeting, summarize progress and decisions made, make assignments for the next meeting, then confirm the date and time of the next meeting.  Thank the participants for attending.

Tomorrow, July’s Salute American History through its’ Flags     Rita Bay

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