Writing a Thank You Note

A Thank You note is expected after attending an event or receiving a gift.  The note doesn’t have to be long or wordy, just prompt, sincere, and grammatically correct.  A verbal “thank you” is offered before leaving the event and at the time a gift is received. Then, sit down within 24-48 hours and WRITE THE NOTE.  Remember, the host invested time and money in the event.  An email, while better than nothing, is a short cut. 

A handwritten note card on a pre-made thank-you note with blank interior using blue or black ink is acceptable in a social situation.  Ideally, invest in blank note cards that have your personal info printed on them.  Keep them easily accessible.  For business, a full-size formal letter impresses best. 


How to Write the Note.  Start by greeting the host/giver. (Dear _____________,)  Then, express your gratitude and state what you’re thanking the receiver for.  (Thank you so much for ______________). Do not start with “Just a note” or some triviality.  If there is a monetary gift, refer to “your generosity” without mentioning a specific amount of money. 
Next, write an explanatory section that personalizes the gift or event.  (“The color of the _____ is perfect or robe is so comfortable .” or “I loved the _________ and the company was _____________.”)  Finally, mention past or future contacts (“I enjoyed our talk about ______.” Or  “Hope I will see you at ________________.”)  Then close again with another thank you.  (“Thank you again for your gift.”) and a close (“Sincerely, Regards, or Love”) and your signature. Then, MAIL IT! 

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