The Groom Wore Black?


Beau Brummel

Another salute to Kate & William. Some posts require more research than others. Because I blogged on Beau Brummell last week at Southern Sizzle Romance I thought this would be a slam dunk. When I checked my research about grooms wearing black, I found a lot of bizarre answers out there. So I’m going with Beau. Note: William, like his father Charles, will probably wear a military uniform or one of the special costumes of an Order of some sort to which he belongs but we’ll see. Used to be that every bride bought a Bridal Etiquette Book by Emily Post and followed it exactly. Since the 1960s, wedding etiquette has changed profoundly. The wedding attire and ceremony have become more personal with the couple exercising personal choices generally within the requirements of their church. Black tuxedos used to be THE dress for grooms because the wedding was considered a formal event and black tuxedos are THE formal dress-and in some circles, still is.

Beau Brummell, a friend of the Regent Prince George in the 1790s, popularized the elegant black formal dress which evolved into the tuxedo. Prior to Brummell, bright and flashy formalwear was the style in Georgian (pre-1790) England. Tuxedos today are black or midnight blue formal and worn with black ties. Tuxedos are not to be confused with the super-formal tails which are worn with a white tie. Won’t go in to cumberbunds.

In addition to the “model” photo, the Obamas are pictured at an inauguration ball.

The Obama Inauguration

Comments were made about Obama’s white tie and the general style of the outfit. As usual, flexibility reigns in America.

Tomorrow: The Wedding Ceremony in Regency England from the Book of Common Prayer Rita Bay

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