Captain John Smith’s Shopping List

     Virginia Colony soldier Captain John Smith created a Shopping List for prospective settlers to the Virginia Colony.  His recommendations included the basics for clothing, bedding, weapons, work tools, food and cooking.  His shopping list for weapons and hunting included:


     Complete (but light) body armor,

      Long-barreled (5 feet 6 inches long) musket

      1 sword and belt

      1 bandolier (a leather belt that was worn from  the right shoulder across the breast  and under the left arm, to support the musket).

      20 pounds of gunpowder

      60 pounds of shot

To view Captain Smith’s entire list :

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2 responses to “Captain John Smith’s Shopping List

  1. I had to check out the entire list. Thanks for the link.

  2. You’re welcome. Entire list is interesting. Smith’s “gotta haves” would be considered lacking in amenities by people today. How fortunate we are!! Rita Bay

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