An Author’s Desk: Emily Wyelin

Welcome to Emma Weylin, an author of paranormal romance at Liquid Silver Books. Emma shares her writing home and her first installment on her spicy new series, The Time Walkers.

DeskMy writing area is usually a total mess. I seem to think best when I am surrounded by clutter. I often do other projects while I am writing, like crochet or painting a paper mache box. Somehow doing something creative with my hands opens up the creativity for my writing, too. I am currently editing my next novel Going Under and I am planning out the next few books in the different series I write in.

Bring Me to Life
Paranormal Romance from Liquid Silver Books (9/2014)

HRbringmetolifeThey say love can conquer all … but Vincent’s been dead for two hundred years, and Bryna is the one who killed him! Ominous warnings, time travel, love, revenge, vampires, demons, and so much more

Being dead sucks, or so Vincent Asher believes. He’s spent the last two hundred years of his death battling vampires because his boss won’t let him kill demons. Known as a force called the Wraith, Vincent has become bored with preventing the apocalypse. When he hopes his boss will give him a more exciting assignment, he gets the shock of his afterlife. He must protect the woman who killed him.

Bryna Wildrose accidentally killed the only man she ever loved. In a self-imposed death sentence, she’s spent the last ten years of her life trying to get herself killed. She never meant to kill Vincent, and the guilt is eating her alive. A vampire gives her a dire warning. The Wraith is coming for her. She can run, or she can let death take her.

Given no choice, Vincent goes back in time to find the one woman he loved more than life itself, but when he expected to torment her for causing his death, he learns nothing is what he believed it to be. Real love never dies, but Vincent’s power might not be enough to keep Bryna alive.




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Thursday Redux: Author Celia Breslin

Celia Breslin is revisting my blog today with a favorite post which first appeared here last year during my October Goosebumps special. (Thought this would be a good day to decorate my blog for Halloween) Celia writes Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance at Champagne Books. She’s one of those authors I’ll be able to say “I knew her when …”I’ve read and LOVE all her books. Can’t wait to get my hands on her new one—Destiny—and share a review here. Why not buy the first two books in the award-winning Tranquilli series to be ready for the new release.

scary-graveyard dividerwitheyesJ2

Fun facts not in my bio: Joss Whedon rules–The Cabin In The Woods is my current, favorite movie, and I’ve been known to walk around tossing out movie quotes from it. I’m not a morning person, so don’t talk to me before 8AM, unless you’re my trainer and we’re kicking serious exercise butt! Other random tidbits… Love Asian food, especially Thai and Japanese. Cinnamon addict. I have a tattoo I designed myself.

I originally wrote this post to honor my grandmother. She inspired my writer’s journey with the many stories she told me throughout my childhood. It was originally posted during Halloween month because what better way to celebrate this fun holiday than with a spooky story? Hope you enjoy it! :-)

I grew up listening to my Irish grandmother’s stories about the Fae, including her encounter with a Banshee in her cellar when she was a teenager. Of her many stories, this is my favorite.

Bumped by the Banshee

By Celia Breslin

(Based on actual events as recounted by her grandmother)

I lived in a large two-story house with my parents, sister and grandmother. It was a cold, winter evening, nothing special or out of the ordinary. The family dined together, then my sister and I cleaned up while our parents and grandmother drank tea. We joined them at the dining table to do our homework, but my grandmother said she was tired and went upstairs to bed. My parents followed shortly after that, but my father paused on the landing.

“Maeve, it’s going to be a cold night. Fetch us some coal, please.”

I abandoned my homework, grabbed the empty coal bucket from the kitchen, and went down into the cellar. I filled my bucket and returned to the stairs. I had one foot on the first step when the temperature in the cellar, already cold, dropped dramatically. Chills ran down my back. Behind me, someone moaned.

But how could that be? I was alone…

Terror rooted me to the spot. The keening grew louder. I dropped my bucket and covered my ears. A cold wind bumped against my back. I stumbled forward as the shrieking wind rushed over me and up the stairs.

But how could that be? The cellar had no windows…

Above me, the cellar door slammed shut. The sound broke me from my stupor. I screamed and ran from the cellar, through the kitchen and dining room, up the stairs to my room. My parents and sister found me under my bed, shaking like a puppy lost in a snowstorm.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” They asked me, while pulling me from my hiding place.

“I heard the Banshee wail.”

We stared at each other in silence, all of us reaching the same conclusion moments later. We hurried to my grandmother’s room.

She was dead.

Copyright 2013, Celia Breslin. No part of this family story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical without permission from the author. Rita Bay has my permission. :-)

 scary-graveyard dividerwitheyesJ2


Urban Fantasy with Romantic Elements from Champagne Books

November 3, 2014 (available now for pre-order!)

Vampires, love, mayhem…all in a day’s work for Carina.

Picture of a fast moving cars at nightIn HAVEN, San Francisco nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli survives a vicious attack by her vampire family’s longtime archenemies. Several weeks later, as she struggles with PTSD and survivor’s guilt, supervillain Dixon resurfaces and kidnaps two of her best friends. To save them, Carina must comply with the evil bastard’s unusual demands. The kicker? She must tell no one what she is up to.

Meanwhile, she has a new dance club to open for the preternatural community, a fated soul mate acting secretive and distant, and a sexy, new, undead friend who’d love to take Alexander’s place in her heart and bed.

Blackmailed, betrayed, tempted…sometimes destiny has a wicked sense of humor.





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Gordon Osmond Visits An Author’s Desk

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAuthor Gordon Osmond  is today’s guest at An Author’s Desk. Gordon is a multi-genre writer of humor, non-fiction, instructional, autobiography, and contemporary American fiction. He is published with Secret Cravings Publishing and America Star Books.

“After moving to Brazil five years ago, four of my books have been written and published. I’m retired and very well taken care of by a domestic companion whom I married last year under Brazilian law; therefore, I can dedicate all of my working hours to writing books and book reviews for and and teaching English as a Second Language.”


“My book, So You Think You Know English—a Guide to English for Those Who Think They Don’t Need One is a humorous take on the essentials of English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Wet Firecrackers—the Unauthorized Autobiography of Gordon Osmond is a tell-all book which cost me the friendship of many friends and family members.

 My two novels, Slipping on Stardust and Turner’s Point are described below.

IMG_0102When writing a book, as contrasted with correspondence and social and political blogging, I write in cursive, usually in a bucolic outdoor setting furnished with instrumental music and light alcohol. I then turn to the computer for transcription and editing. My computer desk is unremarkable, but my chair is a miracle. I have always used the same ergonomic chair, which involves kneeling rather than sitting. As I am not a churchgoer, the chair fulfills my kneeling needs. Because of hours, days, and years with this chair, I’ve never experienced a moment of back, neck, or shoulder pain.

As I have written both fiction and non-fiction books as well as eight full-length produced stage plays in genres from drama to serious comedy to farce to futuristic horror, I am looking for something new. It’s not easy.”


Turner’s Point
A Contemporary American novel (serious comedy) Secret Cravings Publishing (April, 2014)

TurnersPoint350dpi_Cropped_(1)The reasons for the explosion of the Brockway marriage are folded into the narrative of Turner’s Point, making it a stand-alone novel. Those reasons are explored in detail and in real time in my debut novel, Slipping on Stardust, published by Secret Cravings Publishing in 2013, which is available at the same online booksellers as Turner’s Point.

Turner’s Point follows the fallout from the explosion of the marriage of Dan and Eileen Brockway. Specifically:

  • Their son’s discovery of his sexual orientation and his true love
  • the travails of Dan, his new bride, and Dan’s longtime friend, Raul, in establishing a new law firm in California
  • the triumphant efforts of Eileen and her son to resurrect their shattered lives back in their hometown of Johnson, Ohio
  • Raul’s reunion with his secret daughter

In addition to San Diego, Hollywood, and Johnson, the story travels to the world of Wall Street lawyers and media personalities in New York City.


View YOUTUBE TRAILER for Turner’s Point





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Conquering Cupid’s Release Day

Love and lust, the perfect mix for a happily ever after. Conquering Cupid , which has a bit of BDSM with a chuckle, is my first story in the “Cupid’s Back in Business” humorous, contemporary, mythological series from Champagne Book Group.


ConqueringCupid180x280JWhen popular artist Diana Harper dumped her cheating fiancé and accepted an invitation “to attend a private event at Miss A’s island retreat to experience your most secret dreams and fondest fantasies,” her hostess gave her Teddy as an “attendant.” Despite his best efforts, Teddy is no submissive. Diana, however, plays his game for the profound passion, the best sex ever, and love that could last a lifetime.

Billionaire philanthropist Theodore Cooper “Coop” Bareston III fell in love with Diana when he saw her working out at his elite gym in New York City. He was willing to do anything to win her love, including wearing a skimpy thong in his “Teddy” role and posing nude in chains when Di’s interest in her art revived. As the sexual tension builds and passions explode, Teddy discovers he is intensely aroused by  playing the submissive.

After moving into Coop’s East Side penthouse, Diana is sucked into a world inhabited by supernatural denizens with powers beyond her imagination. Can she survive the challenges confronting her to live in Coop’s world or will she turn her back on the extraordinary destiny within her grasp?

BUY LINKS Amazon  / Champagne  / AllRomance




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Rita Bay’s New Release

Click Link to Visit Hook Authors

Thank you visiting  the MFRW Book Hook Hop. Please check out the blurb and excerpt from Conquering Cupid –  my new release from Champagne Books, then click link to visit the other authors.

Love and lust, the perfect mix for a happily ever after. When popular artist Diana Harper dumped her cheating fiancé and accepted an invitation “to attend a private event at Miss A’s island retreat to experience your most secret dreams and fondest fantasies,” her hostess gave her Teddy as an “attendant.” Despite his best efforts, Teddy is no submissive. Diana, however, plays his game for the profound passion, the best sex ever, and love that could last a lifetime.

ConqueringCupid180x280JBillionaire philanthropist Theodore Cooper “Coop” Bareston III fell in love with Diana when he saw her working out at his elite gym in New York City. He was willing to do anything to win her love, including wearing a skimpy thong in his “Teddy” role and posing nude in chains when Di’s interest in her art revived. As the sexual tension builds and passions explode, Teddy discovers he is intensely aroused by playing the submissive.

After moving into Coop’s East Side penthouse, Diana is sucked into a world inhabited by supernatural denizens with powers beyond her imagination. Can she survive the challenges confronting her to live in Coop’s world or will she turn her back on the extraordinary destiny within her grasp?


Teddy peeked at her over his shoulder. “May I speak, Mistress?”

She frowned, irritated by his interruption. “Keep it brief.”

He tossed back the curly dark brown hair that had fallen forward to cover his face. “I would have done anything to get you away from that asshole, Franklin Thompson.”

“Get up.” She tossed the riding crop on the bed, grabbed the back of his thong, and pulled him to his feet. “Play time is over.”

Teddy knew her rat bastard ex-fiancé? Exactly what was his game? “What in hell are you talking about?”

He sat gingerly on the bed, apprehension flickering across his face.

BUY LINKS Amazon  / Champagne  / AllRomance


Click here to visit the other Book Hook Authors…


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A Visit to Romance Cooks

Today I’m blogging at Romance Cooks about about my recent sizzling hot contemporary release, The Caretaker’s Lady AND sharing my recipe for Bread pudding with bourbon sauce. The resort’s caretaker recommends the  pecan pie and bread pudding for dessert. Cathy Morrow, a famous romance author who is staying at the resort to complete her hot novel, discovers that she might be more interested in the caretaker than dessert. Check out my favorite pecan pie recipe, then visit Romance Cooks for the bread pudding with bourbon sauce recipe, the book blurb, and the steamy seduction excerpt. The choice is yours: pecan pie or bread pudding with bourbon sauce?


Both desserts3 whole eggs
¾ cup granulated sugar
¾ cup light Karo syrup
1 tsp. vanilla
1 Tbl margarine, melted
1 cup pecans
1 deep dish unbaked pie shell

Preheat oven to 425°. Mix eggs on medium. Beat in vanilla, sugar, margarine, and syrup.  Spread pecans on the bottom of the pie. Pour mixture into shell. Bake for ten minutes, lower heat to 350° and bake 45 minutes more or until pie is “set.”

Read an excerpt or buy The Caretaker’s Lady from Liquid Silver Books, AMAZON, or AllRomanceEBOOKS



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Thursday Redux with Melissa Keir

My Thursday Redux guest today is Melissa Keir who is published with Secret Cravings Publishing, as well as being self-published. Melissa writes contemporary, small town romances. Her Melissa’s Wilders Sisters series takes place in her hometown of Amherst, Ohio and features five girls who left Amherst only to return to care for their ailing father. Her other stories feature small towns, blended families, and happily ever afters. From September through June, Melissa teaches children and shares her passion for writing and math with them. You can also hear Melissa’s Morning After Movie Reviews on a local Michigan radio station each Monday morning. I loved her Redux post, having enjoyed a similar relationship with my grandmother. Check out Melissa’s Redux post and her contribution to the Wilders Sisters series.

This post I originally wrote in 2009 after cooking my grandmother’s favorite recipe. My mother has been gone for over fifteen years yet she still remains in my memory. I remember the day I was cooking, wanting to call her to ask her a question. Her death hit me hard again. My grandmother, her mother, had been my best friend when I was a teenager. I rode my bike to her house when mom and I butted heads. Yet she also died shortly after my high school graduation, never knowing my children…never having that close relationship with them that I had with her. Needing to get my feelings down, I wrote this post and shared it with my family and friends on my blog. Now each time I make this recipe or the other family recipes I feel like they are there with me.


Food Has a Memory

 Food has a memory, for good and for bad. We can remember certain foods that were important to us as children or food that made us sick. One time when I was ten years old, my father thought I should try some shrimp. He didn’t believe me when I said that I didn’t like it, but forced me to try it and watched me run to the bathroom like a mouse with a cat on my tail, to get sick. That memory stays with me today and shrimp will never cross my lips.

There are foods that are a part of tradition. My family makes a sauerkraut soup for our Christmas Eve celebration. It takes two to three days to make this recipe with the smell of sauerkraut wafting through the house. We are also known for our dilly bean recipe which is nothing more than pickled green beans. This too was a production of momentous proportion each summer after the green beans came in!

Today for some odd reason, I decided to make German Kuchen. This was a recipe which came from my mom’s side of the family. I remember vividly her, my aunt and grandmother making dozens of these delicious coffee cakes in my grandmother’s small kitchen. It was given to my mom from her grandmother who came over from Switzerland to live among the shores of Lake Erie. Pulling out the recipe, I noticed my scribbles on the old recipe card that my mom gave me. I was trying to decipher the magic code for a recipe that my mom knew by heart.

After a quick trip to the grocery store for ingredients, with recipe in hand, I was ready to begin. Like any good recipe, there are tweaks that have been done to it over the years. My mom used to use cake yeast, but I use bread yeast dissolved in warm milk. The recipe calls for one or two eggs. How do I know which is the correct amount? Do I split it and put in one and half? Mixing the sugar, butter and eggs into a nice blend was easy. But then I got to the next stage, where it became truly challenging for me. I wasn’t sure what my mom meant by a stiff batter. Was that like pizza dough or more like cake batter? All I wanted to do was pick up the phone and call my mom or grandmother to ask them! They would know the secret to the scribbles on the recipe card so that I could become a part of the generations of Jones women who made this delicious dessert.

At this point, I feel the weight of generations on my shoulders. Will I be good enough? Can I carry on the traditions of my family for the next generation? Will my children have the fond memories of cooking with me to look back on when they have children of their own? I took a chance with the batter and went for something in between pizza dough and cake batter. Then I had to let it rise, and rise again. All the while, I am trying to channel my family members who can help me with this problem. I can’t call my mom and just ask her because she died over 15 years ago.

Parents are not supposed to die. They are the superheroes of every child. The “person” who can do no wrong and make all hurts go away with just one kiss. No one ever imagines a day when they will be without a parent-your father who will help you with your car, or a mother who knows just what to add to her secret recipe, yet we do have to go on without them here beside us. I thought I had accepted this fact until I tried to make her family recipe. Then I was back to being a kid wanting her mother to help her make things all better.

Food can make you closer to your family as you enjoy a treat and think back to yesteryear, remembering the laughter and deliciousness of the meal prepared with your family. Today I wanted that closeness, that bond with my mom. Making the Kuchen was hard for me because I wanted to make her proud and do it just like she always did. As I pulled the pans out of the oven, my son asked about them and after the explanation of what they were, he remarked that they smelled good. Tears formed in my eyes. Yes, maybe they will remember these days when they are older with children of their own. Maybe the memory of the Kuchen and my mom and grandmother will live on!

DividerBar428x25 Cowboy Up Book Bundle- The Heartsong Cowboy

Contemporary Western Self published, Sept 2014

About the series:  D’Ann Lindun contacted me and five other authors with the idea of writing a cowboy story for a book bundle. Each author took the idea in their own way and wrote captivating stories which showcase the uniqueness of cowboys. My story- The Heartsong Cowboy- is inspired by a real life event.

CowboyUpGroupBundleSeven men as tough as the west…Seven women who know how to…

Cowboy Up

A boxed set of seven romantic novellas by seven award-winning authors experienced with writing about the men of the West.

The Heartsong Cowboy blurb:

Can two people, one horse and the power of love cure a little girl?

Angela French blames herself for her daughter’s lack of voice. Determined to do anything to correct the situation, she seeks out Jake Kyncade, the owner of The Heartsong Ranch.

Jake Kyncade hides his own sorrows behind his no-nonsense demeanor. Helping children becomes one way to correct his past. Using equine therapy, he sets out to make a difference.

Can Jake help Angela’s dreams come true or will Jake’s past bring more heartache? Will love save them all?

Buy the Series: AMAZON

Melissa’s Buy Link:  AMAZON



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Celebrating Fall with Vintage Postcards

Fall is here!  The dogwoods have started to redden. The tips of some of the other trees are tinged with yellow and orange and a bit of cool is in the air. I’m loving it! Thought I’d celebrate fall with a few vintage postcards over the next few weeks. The first is Thomas Jefferson’s home, probably pre-1940, maybe earlier. Lovely in the fall color. Feel free to pin or copy for your personal use.


Note: Checked out a current aerial pic of Monticello. All of the trees are gone. So, this is a snapshot from times past.

More tomorrow,  Rita

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A Visit to Sizzling Hot Books

Today, I’m visiting Sizzling Hot Books to share my newest “Sizzling Hot” story, The Caretaker’s Lady. Thank you to Marissa and Brynna for the invitation.There’s a new excerpt with Cathy and John visiting the mountain in full fall color.  Check it out HERE.

Sizzling Hot Books

BUY The Caretaker’s Lady HERE


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Romance Magicians Visit & Giveaway

Check out my blog at Romance Magicians about fall in the mountains of North Georgia and my new release, The Caretaker’s Lady from Liquid Silver Books. I’m giving away an ebook of Finding Eve from Champagne Book Group which is also set around Atlanta and the Georgia mountains.

FindingEve-140x215     caretakerslady 180x280


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